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We take you—and the protection of your financial data—very seriously. We use 128 SSL Encryption to guard your submitted profile, and we never give or sell it to third party interests. Because online identity thefts and credit fraud are all too common, the old adage is true: better safe than sorry. It is crucial to determine whether your chosen lender is reputable, verified, and certified before beginning the loan process. Cash Advance Reviews provides one of many ways to research lenders and loan programs before submitting loan applications for review. (But please note: you should always feel confident in your choice independent of the advice of any one website. Never give out your personal or financial information to anyone without confirming their identities and their methods of data encryption and protection.)

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Personal Loans

Do you need to fund a big expense or are you looking to consolidate debt? A personal loan may have lower interest rates than credit cards saving you thousands of dollars on interest payments.

Payday & Cash Advance

Do you need money fast? A payday or cash advance loan also known as a short term loan can be right for you. Short term loans are normally used when you need to solve an immediate financial problem.

Credit Card Reviews

What type of card are you looking for? Find the right card that may help save you money from our credit card partners. We have made it easy to quickly apply for the right low interest, rewards, cash back or busienss credit card.

Small Business Loans

We are building the right Business Loan Market Place to help fund your busienss the right way, wheather a start up or looking to fund your grouth. Finding the business loan that is ritht for your business just got smiple.

We’ve all been there—sometimes your income can’t cover life’s little surprises, regardless of how well you try to plan ahead. When all else fails, a well-researched short-term loan can help bridge the financial gap. Cash Advance Rewards can help you get started.

Welcome to the Cash Advance Reviews - A guide to the most comprehensive online Cash Advance, Payday, Installment loan sites on the web. We have indexed over 600 actively used cash advance, payday advance, personal loan, installment loan, title loan sites. Hoping to help the underbank consumers who are left wondering which lender or loan program is right for them, we can help you get stared.

CashAdvanceReviews is a lender matching and review site for short-term loans, specializing in installment loans and cash advance services. Use our website to find a loan from our network of payday lenders when you need extra funds or a personal loan.

Consumers use installment loans and cash advances for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Home improvements
  • Emergency or unexpected expenses
  • College tuition expenses
  • Major purchases

Getting Loans With No Verification

Get Educated

Overwhelmed by your options? You’re not alone. Taking care of personal finances isn’t always simple. Too often consumers agree to loans and repayment terms they do not fully understand, trapping them into penalties, fees, and interest rates they did not anticipate. Let us assist you!

Cash Advance

Many people with credit cards have the option of requesting a cash sum based on their credit at a set interest rate. This type of advance saves the borrower from needing a third party lender but often requires a higher loan interest rate than the rest of the credit account.

Payday Loan

Borrowers of these loans leverage their upcoming or future paycheck to get their funds early. Typically, these are two-week loans, a two week advance to be paid in full at the end of the term. Failure to repay the loan on time often incurs large fees and interest. (Regulations on the terms and operations of payday loans vary by state.)

Installment Loan

These can offer greater flexibility for borrowers during the repayment process. In general, borrowers may pay back the loans over a period of several months—a much longer period than expected with cash advances and payday loans. (Of course, not every lender offers this type of loan and those that do may have different repayment expectations.)

About Cash Advance and Payday Loans

Cash Advance and Payday loans relatively have low requirements when compared with all other installment loans. Although not everyone can qualify for a cash advance or payday loan, but they are much more simpler to qualify for when compared with other loans. Learn more about the general requirements for obtaining a typical cash advance or payday loan.


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What You Need

Cash Advance Loans, Payday Loans and Installment Loans are typically, used during a sudden, unexpected financial cost or emergency. Unfortunately, with the recent status of the economy and job market, it is increasingly common for individuals to find themselves in such a situation. If you absolutely must borrow money short-term, it is imperative to find a reliable, trustworthy lender who can help you quickly, safely, and securely. That’s where we come in.

Why Choose Us?

There is no shortage of offers for short-term loans, and when you’re strapped for cash, the sooner you can get the loan, the better. Or so it seems. Unfortunately, some lenders are ready and willing to take advantage of those most desperate and uninformed. At Cash Advance Reviews, we know that when it comes to borrowing of this kind, getting it done the right way—with a clear understanding of all aspects of the loan, especially the repayment process—is the best financial choice for you and your future.  

  • Our database of over 100 lenders and loan programs can meet your financial needs in a variety of circumstances. With your completed profile, we’ll help you find and select the lender or loan program that works best for you.
  • Make the right decision right now. We provide a wide variety of information about your lending options, including our own experts’ ratings, consumer reviews, and personal experiences with loans and lenders.
  • Chosen a lender? We want to hear from you! Consumers and lenders benefit from knowing the real details of the loan and repayment process. Share your experience with the Cash Advance Reviews community.

Guaranteed Security

Providing personal information over the internet can be unsafe. We fully comprehend the potential risk and take preventative measures to safeguard your identity. We make sure you receive the capital you need without having to worry about security perils.

Free Cash Advance Guidance and Loan Resources

Taking care of personal finances isn't always simple. Having to calculate APR’s, repayment dates, interest rates and fees can be rather challenging. Let us assist you. Review our articles section become more educated about payday loans and cash advances. Find tips and secrets on receiving the best loan that could accommodate your situation and how to effectively pay it back in a timely manner. Our job is to help you.

Disclaimer Concerning Nonpayment

We always counsel borrowers to pay back their loan on time, whenever possible. Advice and explanations provided on this website presume that prospective borrowers will repay their loans on time and in full. If you cannot make a payment, contact your lender immediately. Each lender and loan program has its own policy and procedure for dealing with late payments, which may include late fees, higher interest rates, a lowered credit score, and other collection practices. Please completely review these terms before agreeing to take out a loan of any kind.

Terms of Renewal

If you choose to renew your loan, please contact your lender directly. Most of the time your lender may agree to the same fees and interest rate (usually for the remainder of the month or ever months to follow.) Should a consumer fail to repay the loan on time, the loan extension or renewal may occur automatically and additional charges or interest rates may be added to your account. In cases of continued non-payment, lenders can pursue legal alternatives to recoup their loan. These rates and conditions will vary depending on the lender with which you choose to do business.