Are Payday Loans Good Or Bad?

I read a blog post today that was so incorrect that I had to write a comment about it. The blog post was trying to say how payday loans are bad for people, yet they were putting affiliate links on the post to get a payday loan. How hippocritical can a person be to say that they are bad, and then turn around and promote them to make money on it. Are online payday loans good or bad?

The problem is just as I register and made the comment, the blog owner blocked me and is now not allowing comments or new registers. To me, this is a completely wrong course of action to take so I decided to write my own blog post with the comments that I was making to his site. I was going to link to his site so that people can see the original post and how ludicris is was, but then that would be helping them out and I don't want to do that so I'm not going to link to the original source and merely just share my comments on what was said in his post. Since the person is now not allowing comments or registers and is only putting out completely false information that is not backed by any real data or credit, then I will not subject our viewers to his site and provide him any link love or traffic.

The following are my comments on his blog post, which he refused to post and is now blocking.

Ok, I don't agree with all of your rant here but some of it has merit. The fact that you are saying that most people who get short terms loans are drug addicts and alcoholics is just ludicrous. In addition, there are many good respectable members of the community that need to get short term loans from time to time.It's not that they are really that bad for people, but some uneducated people try to make it out that only stupid people get these loans because they don't know better.The fact is that there have been numerous reports and studies conducted by universities and other institutions that try to evaluate the claims that these loans are bad for people and wind up in a 'cycle of debt', and all reports have concluded that short term loans do not lead to bankruptcy and that the people that are getting the loans are well educated people that make good money.I think it would be wise to read some of these reports before making a post calling people that use payday loans as poor addicted druggies who don't know better.I think it's sad that you would write such a post while promoting affiliate ads to payday loans places and trying to make a few pennies giving people bogus info.