House Panel Approves Payday Loan Database

A Kentucky State House Committee approved a bill on Tuesday February 25th, 2009 that would require a database be set up to track all short term high interest loans with the state. The bill helps to expand on regulations put into place last year by the state's house that allows up to 2 loans per person at any given time, but doesn't keep track of the loans to be able to regulate the bill. This new bill will help keep track of the loans and make sure that companies and individuals are complying with the law that was put into place last year.

Spokespersons for the payday loan industry welcome the new database and didn't want to fight the law, but still maintains that their loans do help people and that any further regulations would certainly not be welcomed. Reps for the industry say their companies only a make a modest profit and that their loans are helping people. According to one person, they are not making money hand over fist, but still consumer advocates want to see more done to protect consumers.

A similar bill was approved last year, but was rejected by the state's Senate because it also imposed further regulations on the industry. At this time they want to at least create the database to be able to track payday loans, and depending on what they find from the database there may be adjustments made in the future about further regulations.

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