Loans With No Credit Checks Or Employment Verification

No Verification Loan Options
Loans are a business, so treat them that way.

Loans, other than those provided family members and friends, are given to people to make a profit. Businesses provide loans to people to make money, and in order to continue issuing loans to individuals they need to make profit. All loans have some sort of fee, interest, or other way for the lender to make money. There is no loan lender that will provide money for free, or on terms that the borrower wants. Now, that we have out of the way, are there some loan options for people that don't want a credit check or employment verification. Yes, they do exist.

There are lenders out there that will provide loans to people even if they don't want their credit checked, or their employer called. The reason is that the lenders secure the loan using other methods and don't rely on the traditional methods for approving the loan. There are options out there, but people have to know where to check, read everything before signing, and know what they are getting into to avoid further complications.

No Verification Loan Options

There are several loan options for people that are looking to get money with no personal credit checks, no Teletrack check loan, or in some cases no employment verification and the following are ideas and tips for those that are looking for them.

  1. Cash Advance Loans - There are some sites that offer cash advance with no employment verification as well as others that do provide them with either no credit check or no employment verification. However, it doesn't mean that a person who has no job can get one, its just saying that they won't verify or call the employer to make sure that the borrower's information is correct. The person still needs to have income and an ability to be able to pay the loan back on time. There is a fee for this service and that is based on the amount borrowed and the area the lender is located in. Make sure to check these points before getting one. Typically, people can apply for cash advance payday loans from $100 up to $1500 dollar payday loans.
  2. Credit Card Cash Advance - This is where people take cash money from their credit cards in a form of a cash advance. The interest rate is quite different for this transaction rather than a direct purchase, and many companies even charge a fee for this service on top of the interest that they charge. Make sure to check with the credit card company before taking out a cash advance from a credit card. Most card companies cap the amount that can be taken from cash and this depends on the person's account limit, but the interest rate is usually higher on credit card debt from cash advances.
  3. Cash Loan From Family or Friend - This is the best and easiest way to get cash, but most don't have a friend or family member that they can borrow from and feel comfortable about it. If you happen to have such a person on hand, then this is by far the best route to take, as you don't have to do credit check, employment verification, and high fees for the service. However, make sure to pay it back on time to avoid causing any family or friendship woes.
  4. Loan Sharks - This may sound funny, but yes there are people that use loan sharks to get cash when the need it. The reason is that they don't verify credit or check employment to secure the loan, but instead usually take some sort of collateral or have the individual sign a promissory note in order to approve the loan. Granted, these loans can be approved pretty easy, but they do come at a steep price and probably much more expensive than the options above.
  5. It is important to be aware of the interest rate attached to each loan. The interest rate on a payday loan is much often much higher than an interest rate on a conventional loan. Payday loan companies do this to ensure that customers will pay the money back when it's due. If the loan is not paid back on time, interest will continue to accrue on a daily basis. Until the loan is paid back in full, the interest rate can continue to rise. Also note that payday loan companies do not report information related to loan repayment to the credit bureaus. Whether or not a loan is paid off on time bears no consequence on a credit score.

    Paying off a cash loan on time though does improve one's chances of being approved for another loan in the future. Financial jams can creep up at a moment's notice, causing monetary setbacks that can snowball out of control. A payday loan can help curtail that snowball and provide immediate financial relief. Having a better understanding of how payday loans work is a good way to make sure that you are getting the payday loan that is right for you.