Payday Loans, Loans Before Payday

Pay Day Loans, typically referred to as Payday Loans, Cash Advance, and Payday Advance are all names for the same type of loan. Often these loans are short term loans to provide cash until pay day. Typically these pay day loans have higher interest rates than traditional loans, but that is because of the short time frame for borrowing, less payments made to the lender, and the lack of a credit check and sometimes even no employment verification. Some people associate pay day loans with bad lending practices, but on the contrary, they are actually right in line with other types of short term loans. For example, a credit card company usually charges an additional fee to take cash, and usually a cash advance from a credit card also has a higher interest than a purchase on a credit card. If that person only pays the minimum each month on the credit card then they will end up paying more in most cases than a person that uses a pay day loan and pays it back in the allotted time frame.

If a person does want to get a pay day loan, where do they go for the best pay day loans online. is a great source for finding the top rated payday loans online as well as pay day loan lenders for various types of cash advance loans. You can same day payday loans, no fax payday loans, and even bad credit payday loans. Each of the pay day loan lenders have ratings from viewers that have used the services so it makes it easy to find the pay day loan lender that is right for any situation. Use all loans responsibly and make sure to read every detail before signing any loan agreement.