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LendUp Is A Licensed Payday-Personal Loan Provider With A Different Type of Payday Loan Programs.
LendUp designs loan programs to help built consumer credit and give their customers access to other Installment Loan programs. As your loans are paid off and you are building your credit, LendUp will give you access to lower interest rate loans some as low as 29% APR.
Find out if LendUp is the right lender for you and how they are different from a traditional payday loan provider. Visit LendUp! Or find a different lender Here»

Explore what LendUp offers:

Here are few features we found would be helpful to know about getting a loan from LendUp.

  1. Earn points to lower rate on loans with each on time payment.
  2. Financial Education and Refer a friend point system.
  3. Access to, Improved, Better and Best Loan Programs.
  4. Fixable Payment Terms.

Company Details:

Company Details: LendUp
Products: Personal Lending Services
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Available: Online And Over The Phone

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LendUp - Personal Loans Review

Good 9.6 from 0-10


Top Reasons to use LendUP↑: THE LENDUP DIFFERENCE,

You're in Control

Understand your loan from the beginning. There will be no hidden fees and no surprises. LendUp allows you to choose your own loan amount and your repayment date. They show you the terms and repayment amount right up front.

Fast Application

It will only take 5-minutes to fill out LendUps easy online application. You will find out instantly if you have been approved for your loan.

15 - minute Deposit

With any participating bank you will receive your money quick, LendUp will have your money in your bank account within 15-minutes.

24/7 convenience

LendUp does not have store hours so you can log on any time that is convenient for you and apply for a loan. All repayments happen automatically so there is no worry of late fees.


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