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Cash Jar

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Cash Jar could be a loan lender offering it's services online.
Cash Jar could also be operating under the name of Down Under Ventures, Ltd. or Cash Jar Direct.

Cash Jar Lender Details:

After researching Cash Jar we were unable to find an official site for this organization. We only found the following:, which may or may not be affiliated with the company.

Business Names:
Down Under Ventures, Ltd. DBA Cash Jar
Hong Kong Partners, Ltd. DBA Cash Jar

Additional Business Names:
Cash Jar Direct
Cash Yes/
Distribution Services
Henderson, Wyatt, Weinstein and Associates

1-866-568-2209 (Customer Service)
1-866-568-2213 (Collections)


Cash Jar
P.O. Box 1639
Belize City, Beliza, C.A.

Additional Address:
Cash Jar
P.O. Box 025250, #15050,
Miami, Florida 33102-5250

Additional Adress:
Cash Jar
P.O.Box 1639
Rio Hondo, Texas 78583

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