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Benefits of a Payday Loan or Installment Loan.

By getting a payday loan, you make it easier for yourself to execute a financial plan. Some of the benefits most payday loan lenders may offer when you apply for a payday or installment loan:

  1. Lenders who offer a safe, easy and secure application process.
  2. 100% online
  3. All credit types are welcomed
  4. No collateral required to qualify
  5. Loan amounts from $100 to $5000
  6. Credit decision in as little as 15 minutes and often next-day access to funds

We've Found 6 Payday and Installment Loans For You!

*Range of rates shown includes fixed- and variable-rate loans. Rates are not guaranteed and vary based on the credit profile of each applicant.

Online Payday loans are short-term cash loans based on the borrower's agreement to payback the loan on an agreed future payroll deposit date by an electronic debit giving access to the borrower's bank account. Borrowers will need to sign over electronic access to their bank accounts to receive and repay online payday loans


  • A Qucik Help With Unexpected Expenses. Every dollar counts when it comes down to a surprise expenses like a borken down car, a medical emergency or a last minute party invitation.
  • Lower interest rates than payday lenders. .


  • Higher interest rates than secured loans and (some) credit cards. If you have good credit and can pay off the loan in 12 – 18 months, you can likely get a credit card that has 0% interest on purchases for a year or longer. Alternatively, if you are a homeowner, home equity loans often have lower interest rates.
  • Extended application process. The approval process for a loan can last a few days and may require more information than that for a credit card.

If you have good credit and an existing banking relationship, it’s worth checking out your current provider or local credit union. Be sure to consider multiple options to find a good rate. Almost all lenders will require you to be over 18 and a legal U.S. resident, with a verifiable bank account and not in bankruptcy or foreclosure.

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When considering a pay day loan, make sure you only get loans when you really need them (not just to purchase non-essentials), that you will be able to repay the loan when it comes due (this is where some people get into trouble), and that you have selected a reputable, reliable, and fair payday loans company. To help with this last step, up-top is a list of the top twenty payday loans providers we have reviewed and rated. Don't agree with the list? share your comments below and let us know if you think theres a lender missing our write a review on the lender you don't agree with and the rating we gave them, you would need to logged as a gust to post a review. And your post for others to review and read which lenders are recommended by other consumers.

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